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Are you an Outsider?

Outsiders are a collection of 10,000 gameplay-enabled, dynamically updating PFPs that unlock membership privileges in the Gowalla community, including exclusive features and earliest access to Gowalla’s game and apps.

Go all the places.
Do all the things.

IRL Game Project

Outsiders explore the connection between our digital and physical spaces. With the help of our community we’re creating a game where anyone can remix and share the world we live in.

Just a few features we’re jamming on…

In Development for iOS

IRL Airdrops

Find and collect NFT drops at real-world locations and events.

Build a World Together

Unlock experiences and discover places curated by your friends and favorite communities using your NFTs.

Connect and Collab With Your Crew

Create lists and share discoveries with your friends in collection or trait-based groups.

Update Your Outsider

Style and upgrade your Outsider PFP based on your real-world journeys.

The World is Yours

World Creator

Gowalla’s World Creator powers our IRL game and makes it easy to curate your block, neighborhood, or city while earning points as you go.It’s available today for Outsiders using iOS.

Here Now For Outsiders

Places DAO

On-Chain Place Data

Places is an experiment to establish geographic locations as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The project aims to build long-term value by curating an ever-growing collection of specific places, submitted and verified by our community, for the purpose of providing them an immutable home available to all.

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